Yvette Shen | assistant professor, Dept. of Design, The Ohio State University

How we document, access, and understand information and particularly how designers of visual communication can contribute to this has never been more important. As our need to attend to more diverse and complex information sources increases, so does the need for more research into how people can better analyze and perceive this information. My current research lies in the domain of information and data visualization, reflecting both the development of my own creative work and the evolvement of visual communication design.

I explore the cultural and artistic interpretation of abstract information and seek effective and efficient communicating value as well as the aesthetics value to the general audiences. My primary research goal in information visualization is to investigate creative visual representations of data to influence people’s perceptual and cognitive abilities for complex information analysis. I approach my research with a focus on implementing visual design elements, graphic symbols, statistical charts and diagrams to convey information that may not be easily visible, and evaluating the creative design process at all stages.

I aim to enhance the research capacity, knowledge and skills of information design and information visualization. I hope my design work will increase public awareness and understanding of salient social issues and cross-cultural communications. My theoretical study in information design process and pedagogical methods are intended to contribute to design-based interdisciplinary education and collaborations.