Yvette Shen | assistant professor, Dept. of Design, The Ohio State University

How we document, access, and understand information and particularly how designers of visual communication can contribute to this has never been more important. As our need to attend to more diverse and complex information sources increases, so does the need for more research into how people can better analyze and perceive this information. My current creative and research expertise mainly lies in the field of information design and information visualization. In particularly, how design can help people gain better understanding of complex information and increase their interest in learning more; and how the practice of visualization and user experience may empower people with positive behaviors and emotions. Before joining academia, I worked as an interactive designer closely collaborating with people in professional industries such as healthcare, automotive, arts and entertainment, and non-profit organizations. Therefore, I understand the challenge as well as value the importance of an interdisciplinary problem-solving process of exploring and providing functional, creative, and human-centered design solutions to complex problems. In my own creative and research work, I intend to identify innovative solutions based on the convergence of art, design, science, and technology, in order to leverage the considerations of social and health issues, and cultural heritage.