Design for Pain

collaboration: DRD (Design Research and Development) graduate student: Sana Behnam

Pain measurement is one of the most important elements of pain management process. Knowing the nature and intensity of patients’ pain would facilitate the care providers with better pain management solutions and tools. This process is of even greater importance for patients with long-lasting or chronic pain who might suffer from consequences of improper pain communication processes. This research investigates the multiple aspects contributing to the experience of chronic pain and how a visual system that can help manage the physical pain while auditing patients’ mental and physical well-being can be deliberately designed. This tool intends to allow patients to use realistic visual images and graphic symbols to record their pain experiences from multiple dimensions: physical, psychological, and external factors. The result of inputs will show patterns and correlations between multiple aspects, which will help build patients’ confidence in their ability of self-manage pain, as well as significantly improve the patient-caregiver communication.

Design4Health Conference Poster session, Sheffield Hallam University, UK 09.2018