35 Years Air of Salt Lake City

Interactive Web on Desktop Computer, 2015 online
A Tale of Two Cities - Visualizing Air Quality in Salt Lake City and Beijingico-D Communication Design, Interdisciplinary and Graphic Design Research Journal vOL 5, NOS. 1-2, 91-102 online

Air pollution has been a major topic and cause of concern for the residents of Salt Lake City, UT. Known as “the inversion," the mountains surrounding Salt Lake City frequently disappear behind a curtain of smog during summer and winter seasons. The smog is a result of the pollution trapped by the unique topographic feature of the Wasatch area.

This is a visual study of the air quality data of Salt Lake City published by the EPA (www.epa.gov) from 1980 to 2014. The purpose is to visually examine the air quality of Salt Lake City, and perhaps more importantly, its developing trend in the last decades.