Participatory Data Visualization with Tangible Objects

Workshop @ Jiangnan University, School of Digital Media
Mar. 11 - Mar. 15 ,2019
Collaborated with Prof. Juanjuan Long of Jiangnan University

During the five-day workshop, sophomores of Jiangnan University School of Digital Media explored methods of using tangible objects to collect data in a public space, and uncover patterns, highlight trends, display connections through user participations.

Using Design Thinking methodology, student teams conceptualized and built non-digital installations that reflect the happiness strategies from Positive Psychology in order to understand Jiangnan University students' mental wellness status as well as to promote positive thinking and positive behaviors among college students. Each of the the five student teams were assigned with one pillar of the PERMA model defined by Martin Seligman, founder of positive psychology - positive emotions, engagement, positive relationships, meaning, and accompolishment - as their design goals. The installations intend to serve the purpose of gathering data from general audiences, implementing PERMA theory of well-being, and visualizing data with a clear message.